Basic Policy toward Anti-social Forces

Daichi Media, Inc.(hereinafter referred to "Company"), is aware of the social responsibility of exclusion of “Anti-social Forces”, (hereinafter referred to "Anti-social Forces"), ether it is a group or an individual, who purchases economic benefits by using violence, power and fraud techniques, and prevent the damage caused by Anti-social Forces. In order to ensure the adequacy and soundness of our business, we declare the basic policy as below.

Shutout Any Possible Relationships (including any listing/ trading behaviors)
The Company, will shut out any possible relationships with Anti-social Forces, including any listing/ trading behaviors. In addition, the Company will reject any requests from Anti-social Forces.
Prohibition of Under-table Transactions and Funding
The Company will not have the under-table transactions or funding due to unreasonable requests from Anti-social Forces, or due to attempt of concealing the misconduct of business activities, scandals of executives or employees. In addition, in any occasion, the Company will not provide any funding or special deals to Anti-social Forces.
Correspondence as an Organization
The Company, for the response to Anti-social Forces, will based on the Code of Conduct, social ethics, the rationale, etc. as base rules. The Company will not leave the in-charged person or department alone to deal with Anti-social Forces, but from CEO and below, correspond as a whole organization. In addition, the Company will ensure the safety of its executives and employees corresponding from the unreasonable demands of Anti-social Forces.
Cooperation with External Specialized Agencies/Authorities
The Company, in preparation to respond to Anti-social Forces, has align with external specialized agencies/ authorities - police, Violence Exile Movement Promotion Center (in Japan: the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan), lawyer, etc. In the case of unreasonable requests are made by Anti-social Forces, the Company will correspond with external specialized agencies/authorities when needed.
Legal Correspondences from Civil and Criminal Case Sides When Needed
The Company, to against unreasonable requests from Anti-social Forces, will take aggressive legal actions from both civil and criminal case sides.