Terms of Usage of this Website

This website (hereinafter refer to "Website") is operated by Daichi Media, Inc.(hereinafter, refer to "Company").
Please read the following notes before using our Website, and please base on the below understandings while using the Website.

Recommended Environment

This Website is not just built for personal computer but also for smart phones and tablets to browse. The Website is built with the technique called "Responsive Web Design", where the webpages are changed according to user's screen environments.

We try to let the Website could be browsed by as many devices as possible; however, there are still some devices with some certain OS or browsers environments can not browse the Website normally/properly.
Below is the list that shows the environments in which you can browse the Website without problems happen.

PC (Personal Computer)


  • Windows 8.1 、Windows 10
  • MacOS V10.x ~


  • Google Chrome Newest Version
  • Mozilla Firefox Newest Version
  • Microsoft Edge Newest Version
  • Apple Safari Newest Version

Currently, if you are not using recommended browsers or using in lower versions, you can use the below download sites to upgrade to the newest version.



Browsers which are standard embedded to the devices


Apple Safari Newest Version

About JavaScript

Some webpages of the Website are created using JavaScript. If the JavaScript function in your web browser is disabled, the webpage may not be displayed or functioned correctly. In order to browse all of the content properly, please enable the JavaScript function in your web browser settings.

About CSS

We are using the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in the Website. If the CSS function in your web browser is disabled, the webpage may not be displayed or functioned correctly. In order to browse all of the content properly, please enable the CSS function in your web browser settings.

About Cookie

In order to establish reliable and safe connection and the communications with the user, also, for the purposes of statistics and analysis of the advertising, usages of this Web site, and Website maintenance, the Website use the cookie information in the user's device.
Cookies are a message given to a Web browser by a Web server. For each website to identify the web browser of a specific user who accessed the website, and store some settings or records to the user's computer via web browser in text file. If the user allows sending and receiving Cookie in web browser setting, Cookie sent from the website is stored in the user’s web browser. The user's web browser allows the specific Cookie to be read by the website which sent the specific Cookie to protect the user’s privacy.

Purpose of Cookie

  • Record the session information for login
  • Function normally for the enquiry system and various types of content
  • Enhance the information and services provided and to understand user’s usage situation

About Cookie Denial

  • The user can select the acceptance / rejection of Cookie in the settings of the web browser.
  • If web browser is set to deny the Cookie, the Website functions may subject to certain functions limitations.

About Access Analysis

Customers, who do not wish to participate in statistics and analysis about the usage, can follow the below access analysis service business's websites’ descriptions to disable the functions of statistics and analysis of the (opt-out).
You can use one of the following for the Website.

Google Analytics


In addition, in order to deliver the advertisements tailored to your interests, the Website has adopted the behavioral targeting Ads via using the Cookie. For the delivery of behavioral targeting Ads, the Cookie of third-party vendors is used within the specified range and following each company's privacy policy.

Customers who do not want to participate in the display of behavioral targeting Ads, (accumulation of behavioral history information) can follow the below descriptions of the third party distribution business's websites to invalid the accumulation of behavioral history information (opt-out).


Yahoo! Display Ad Network(YDN)

NetworkAdvertisingInitiative : Access to its opt-out page and it is possible to disable third party distribution business’s websites to use the Cookie.


About Access Log

In order to have the statistics and analysis of the customer's usage, the Website uses Cookie and a small image file called Web beacons (clear GIF), as the format of access log, and sent to the access analysis service provider of servers.

The access log contains user’s domain name, IP address, type of Web browser used, accessed date and time; however, it is used for the purposes of the statistics and analysis related to usage of the Website, advertising delivery and the Website maintenance only. Please don’t worry since those information will not be used for any other purpose.